SCHMETZ Microtex Needle

SCHMETZ MIcrotex Needle

The SCHMETZ Microtex Needle is generically known as a Sharp. This needle has a very slim acute point. In other words, a very fine point. Because the point is so fine, it also needs to be replaced more often. That’s right! Needles don’t last forever. Replace the needle when you hear a little click at stitch formation or your stitches become uneven.

Use SCHMETZ Microtex with Micro fibers, polyester, silk, foils, fake leather, batiks, quilting cotton. The very thin acute point creates beautiful topstitching and perfectly straight stitches for piecing quilts. Use when precision is paramount.

Sizes:  60/8, 90/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18



Nancy Mahoney’s Sewing Tips

Nancy Mahoney's Sewing Tips

Nancy Mahoney says . . .

Trying to learn paper piecing is like trying to learn ballroom dancing looking in a mirror … upside down and backwards.  Here are my three best tips:

• Precut your pieces

• Use Martingales’s Papers for Foundation Piecing

• Use a SCHMETZ 80/12 —