What’s Your Favorite Needle?

No matter what you sew or what your skill level, SCHMETZ has a needle for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a different needle type. You’ll be glad you did. Break out of your comfort zone and gain new skills and experience.

What's Your Favorite SCHMETZ Needle?


SCHMETZ Chrome Jeans/Denim Needle

SCHMETZ® Chrome Jeans/Denim Needle

Chrome Jeans/Denim Needle

The Chrome Jeans Needle has a modified medium ball point, a reinforced blade, and is chrome-plated. The advanced point design is a SCHMETZ® exclusive. Use this needle for penetrating extra thick woven fabrics, denims, or quilts with minimum needle deflection, reduced risk of needle breakage and skipped stitches.

Available in size 100/16.

• Resists Heat and Wear
• Superior Strength
• Durability
• Improved Performance
• A Premium Needle



Jeans (Denim) Needle

SCHMETZ Jeans (Denim) Needle

The Jeans Needle has a modified medium ball point and a reinforced blade.

The advanced point design is a SCHMETZ® exclusive.

For penetrating extra thick woven fabrics, denims, or quilts with minimum needle deflection, reduced risk of needle breakage and skipped stitches.

Sizes: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, 4.0/100


Pam Damour – The Decorating Diva

Pam Damour, The Decorating DivaPam Damour, the Decorating Diva, is one of the busiest speakers on the sewing circuit. She writes books, creates patterns, and develops classes and topics for trade shows, consumer shows, sewing guilds and stores. She travels extensively, and by her own estimation, she is only home about one weekend a month.

She says of herself, “I’m a menopausal woman with ADHD. I’m like a hummingbird on crack.”

So — how does a girl grow up to become a hyperactive Decorating Diva??

Pam was born and raised in upstate New York. She still lives in the county where she was born in Champlain. She likes to say she can see Vermont and Canada from her house. Her home is a log cabin, built by her husband Joe. Her only child, Leah is a former jewelry designer for The Jones Group/Dana Buchman and is currently attending grad school for Counseling and Art Therapy.

“Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s farm, and she sewed out of necessity. My dad was the mechanic for the local farmers, and Mom would get boxes of old clothes from the rag man, and she would tear them up for Dad to use as grease rags. I would harvest buttons and pieces of fabric out of those boxes and use them to make wardrobes for my cats and dogs. I got my first hand crank sewing machine when I was six years old. When I was in the third grade, I started to use Mom’s electric sewing machine. I was destined to become a teacher and I taught my first class when I was in the 4th grade. I made a poncho with bright green pom-poms and I wore it to a Girl Scout meeting. Everybody wanted to make one. So I wrote up the instructions, and asked the office lady at school if she would print it off on the mimeograph machine.”

Tangled Blooms

Tangled Blooms

Pam’s job during high school was working as a tailor’s apprentice. Although Pam started college with every intention of becoming a fashion designer, she realized she liked interior design better, so she switched gears. After college, she started her own business, Pam’s Originals. After she married her husband Joe, they moved and her business became “Damour Designs.” Pam focused on interior design for residential clients. In order to create what she envisioned, Damour Designs established a professional drapery workroom.

Eventually, Pam started to do workroom training for the interior design industry. As her reputation grew, she was invited to teach these techniques at consumer events. But, Pam realized she could not do both. In 2006, she sold Damour Designs to focus on the sewing industry. In those early class descriptions, she was referred to as the “Decorating Diva,” and the moniker became her new business name. Initially, her classes and seminars were about window treatments, and applying professional standards and techniques to projects for the home sewist.

Pam says, “I have always been known for my techniques. My students learn how to use the various feet that came with their machine. They learn how to apply piping, make different kinds of ruffles or pleats, do zipper insertions, or insert embellishments. This knowledge is useful whether they’re sewing home dec, making a garment or finishing a quilt.”

Joe and Pam
Renaissance Ready

Sewing is not only the basis for Pam’s business — it is a big part of her leisure activities. She and her husband Joe participate in reenactments for the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the French Renaissance. She was very pleased with a jacket she made for Joe, so he could attend a ball for the War of 1812 as a British officer. “I love period sewing and I’ve made some really pretty ball gowns for myself and others. Every time period had its own unique fashion. I also made Joe a really special Samuel D. Champlain outfit (he was the founder of Lake Champlain). We attended a Renaissance Fair, and Joe dressed as Henry the Eighth.’’

Pam’s life is a juggle between being on the road, teaching, and being home to develop new patterns and products. ”It’s like a three legged stool… and it’s tough to keep that balance.”

The Girl with the Dog

The Girl with the Dog

“I’m very fortunate, and I have some wonderful employees who are the wind beneath my wings. Terry, my operations manager, actually runs the business. If I am the face, she is the guts. She keeps everything organized and makes sure the orders keep flowing. My cousins, Penny and Lacey are valuable employees and dear sweet Melody has tried to retire twice. They process orders, do the shipping, help with sewing samples, cutting patterns, editing the instructions, sourcing the printing and packaging, and maintain the data base.”

The Decorating Diva is also known throughout the sewing industry as “The Girl with the Dog.” Pam has always loved dogs. 12 years ago, when her beloved black lab died, Joe said she couldn’t get another dog because she was always on the road. She solved the problem by getting a little dog that could travel with her. Pam and Chrissy have been inseparable for 11½ years now.

Having Chrissy as a traveling companion has an unexpected health benefit for Pam. Like 6 million other people, Pam suffers from a panic disorder. The symptoms of a panic attack feel like a heart attack. Your heart starts pounding and you cannot get a breath. An attack brings on nausea, sweating, dizziness, chest pain, and a fear of dying. Pam realized that Chrissy knew an attack was coming on even before she did because Chrissy would jump into her lap and start kissing her.

“Eventually, I took Chrissy to receive some training so she could become a certified service dog. Up until now, I have been reluctant to tell people I suffer from panic attacks, because most people don’t understand how serious this condition is, and I don’t want them to think I’m crazy. But, at this point in my life, I only have an attack once or twice a year — and I’d like to tell people THERE IS HOPE. Anxiety has a way of making you believe it’s never going to get better. But I am living proof that there is light at the end of that tunnel. ”

Pam’s newest book is, HOLD EVERYTHING. She’s writing it with Betty Mitchell. They met at a sewing conference 13 years ago, and Betty did most of the sewing for Pam’s last three books. “Co-writing this book with Betty has been a joy filled project and we are having a lot of fun with some amazing projects.” Check your local sewing store, or Pam’s website.

Keeping with the times, Pam has been offering live webinars since 2012, broadcasting 25-30 classes per year. She broadcasts live, and shoots with three cameras so you can see her sewing in real time. Once a year, in January, with the help of a few other teachers, they broadcast a live, non-stop 24 hour webinar called the Annual Webathon. Pam has classes on Baby Lock Sew at Home, F&W Craft University and Craftsy.

If she had never learned to sew, Pam thinks she might have been a math teacher. No doubt, she would have been an excellent math teacher, because this woman does whatever she sets her mind to. But the sewing world would have missed their Diva.


Angela Wolf – What is Her “Go-To” Needle?

Angela Wolf's "Go-To" Needle

Angela’s  “Go To” Needle:  Denim/Jean 90/14 Needle

Denim needles are THE BEST not only for sewing designer jeans, but topstitching, sewing and embroidery on leather, suede, and vinyl.  

Topstitching tip:  Sometimes it is difficult to find coordinating color topstitching thread. Instead, Angela will use 2 or 3 threads of standard poly thread, run through the Denim/Jean needle 90/14.  Change the stitch length to 4.0 and the topstitch looks very professional, as if you are using a thicker thread. 


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