What Makes Electric Quilt Sew Special?

Take a look at how some of today’s designers are using Electric Quilt to create their award-winning designs.

Ebony Love
I couldn’t do what I do without EQ. I love working with traditional blocks and unconventional settings. EQ has an extensive library of blocks for just about anything I can visualize. It is easy to redraw blocks when I want to change the seam lines or construction of a block. EQ is an integral part of my design process and I often recommend it to others.

EQ Design

Finished Quilt

Service Puppy
by Kathy Larson

Donna Thomas
EQ is absolutely my starting point for any quilt I design. It is completely essential to my work. My recent book was designed in the middle of the night. I awoke at 2 am with the idea and absolutely HAD to get it put together. I pulled up EQ7 and went to work. Within two hours the design was done. It has been refined in several ways since then and more quilts added based on the theme. If I hadn’t had the ability to use EQ, that quilt might have been lost to more sleep.

EQ Design — Twist-and-Turn

Twist-and-Turn — Finished Quilt

Nancy Hobin
This design appears in Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts
by Eileen Wright. I made an EQ7 Vertical Strip Quilt layout of the design . . . I wanted to see how my color choices would look in the final quilt before forming any strip sets.

Kerry Goulder
For two years I have been designing paper piecing patterns, trying to stretch my designs and maybe even the program. So far there is nothing too big, too small, too simple or too complex the program can’t handle. I use MAC. Without EQ7, there’s no way I would attempt to design the patterns I do. EQ7 makes everything so much easier and quicker.

EQ Design

Finished Quilt

Proud Peacock
by Evelyn Townsend

Christa Watson
I design exclusively in EQ and it’s a natural part of my process. I first think of an idea I want to explore, then with the help of EQ7 come up with dozens of different iterations until I find the one that is just right. Along the way, I’ve created seeds for dozens of other ideas that may become future quilts. Once I have a design, I import fabric swatches so I know exactly what the quilt will look like. This process works well for me because I’m not one of those who can intuitively design a quilt as I go. All my planning and thinking is done ahead of time so that when it’s time to actually make the quilt, I can sit back and enjoy the relaxing process of sewing each stitch.