Household Needles Q&A – Part 4

SCHMETZ Universsal Twin NeedleDo You Have Any Secrets for Using a Twin Needle? Can I Use It On My Serger?

Double or Twin Needles are not suitable for sergers! Please use them only in “normal” household machines. If you use a Twin Needle, you should always use the zigzag needle plate with the elongated aperture. When you are using decorative stitches, the stitch width must NOT exceed the aperture because, otherwise, your needles will touch the needle plate and break. You can try this out if you do the first stitches by moving your hand wheel manually. Additionally, the needle thread tension should be loosened when using Twin Needles.


Why Does My Quick Threading Needle Have a Crack In It? Is It Broken?

SCHMETZ Quick Threading NeedleNo, your Quick Threading Needle is NOT broken. The close-up image of the needle illustrates the concept behind the Quick Threading Needle. The Quick Threading Needle is the same as the Universal Needle except for the small threading slot in the eye. This threading slot supports quick and easy threading of the needle. The needle is threaded by drawing the needle thread over the surface of the right side of the needle until it slides into the eye by itself. It is not necessary to change the thread tension. Like the Universal Needle, it can be used for many fabrics.

Please do not use the Quick Threading Needle for sensitive fabrics (i.e., silk, microfibre, etc.) as the slot might create pulled threads. It should also not be used for quilting as fibers of the batting might be pulled out.

The thickness of the sewing thread being used should be adapted to the needle size. If the sewing thread is too fine (thin), it might slip out of the needle eye. If the sewing thread is too heavy (thick), it might break frequently.



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  1. Jan Squires says

    Excellent information for specialty needle users.

  2. Susie Rodriguez says

    I have a Janome Horizon 150000 machine and was told that I cannot use Schmetz needles with my machine. What is your thought on this. Just trying to get as much information on this before I buy a bunch of needles.

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      You can use SCHMETZ needles with your Janome Horizon 150000. There is an issue with the automatic threader not being able to thread non-Janome needles properly. Our sewing educator researched this problem back in September 2018. This is what she found:

      Janome seems to have the most issues with the needle threader. Janome machines are set up at the factory with Organ 90/14. Janome does not guarantee that their needle threaders work with any needles other than Organ, but they acknowledge that many Janome dealers sell and use SCHMETZ with no problem. In fact, in August 2017, Janome developed a machine upgrade kit solely designed to fix their needle threader issues for all needles including sizes 75/11 and smaller. The upgrade is available through authorized Janome dealers and is done free of charge.

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